Posted on March 20, 2018


Our life is a continuous chain of beginnings and endings. The concept of 'beginning' always evokes strong emotions--depending on the type of beginning, such as the beginning of a new week, the first day of school or work, or the start of a relationship, these emotions also vary from fear to excitement. When we listen to songs that we've heard before, we may notice that we are reminiscing about the very moment when the song was first heard. For that reason, music stands as our eternal friend. The arrival of March means that school has started and flowers are starting to blossom. And now, Doindie editors would like to present a few songs that go well with the word 'beginning.'


Bulnabang Star Sausage Club
Campus Folk Song Encyclopedia

"It's a lie that all of us can find girlfriends in college. We know the protagonist of this song didn't end up well, and not because of his bad tuning skills. If anyone out there is dreaming about becoming half of one of many campus couples, I recommend a quick enrollment in the military with this song." - Minjip Kim




"I bet most people think optimistically when thinking of the word 'start.' But as a college senior who has been attending school for four consecutive years, the word 'start' feels like a burden; for me, it stands for 'the beginning of my last year in college,' or 'the beginning of my job search.' To build my résumé, I work part time while attending school. Every day feels like a burden, but as the lyrics say, I think, "perhaps the only thing I can do is just go along with the flow of time, so it doesn't get any heavier." - Hyemin Kwak



J Rabbit
The Spring Song

"Hearing the word 'Spring' makes me feel happy. Especially since the Winter this year lasted so long, I'm so glad Spring has finally come. Now that the weather has turned warmer, I will start wearing newly-bought clothes. And this year I will go on a cherry blossom picnic with a can of beer and a lunch box, for sure." - Hyemin Kwak



Birthday Harlem

"I bet that morning, the beginning of the day, is a painful moment for everyone. As a commuting student, there can’t be anything worse than going to a morning class. I start preparing even before the sun rises, and this is the song that represents my feeling when going to school: arduously holding back a yawn while staring at the barely lightening sky. Anyone who likes staying at home must be able to sympathize with this song. 'Please just let me stay in bed... please let the weekend begin...'" - Jung Ha Lim



Big Wave

"I was astonished to realize that it was March, but soon I realized it is already heading to its end. When we live from day to day, doing what we need to do, sometimes we forget what day it is and all of a sudden Friday grins in front of our faces. Although we make plans and goals for our future, there are moments when we become oblivious of those plans and the weekend is a very hospitable moment in which to gather our minds. As always, Monday knocks on our door along with the sunrise." - Robin YeongGuk Jo



Rock 'N' Roll Radio
Global Warming

"The Korean term 'ilmal-sangcho' (originating from the consensus among people who have served in the army that relationships usually come to an end during the period of being private second class and private first class) may sound familiar to those who have done their military service. 'She' in this song stands for global warming, seen in the way that 'she' melts 'his' heart to a flood of tears. The fast beat and exhilarating melody pretend its okay, but the lyrics don't. However, there's a saying that 'every ending is a new beginning.' We must all keep in mind that a sunset is always followed by a sunrise." - Robin YeongGuk Jo



The Smashing Pumpkins

"The first day of school felt as suffocating as a fully-buttoned shirt, and that day became the first day of my gap semester. It may sound like a blessing, and I do feel free and easy, but I don't have many plans for the rest of my semester off from school, and that makes me quite afraid. This song represents such a feeling; singing of unconstrained youth but feeling uneasy at the same time." - Jieun Park



Stand By Me

"If you want to build the will to propel yourself against all problems that hold you back, take a listen to the encouraging guitar sound of this song. For me, a beginning corresponds to an ending. I feel like making a good conclusion would make me able to proceed lightheartedly. Whatever you are up to, I hope this song helps you stay energized." - Soyeon Kim



Déjà Vu

"As I get older, I feel that I'm becoming insensitive to the indicators of commencement that once exhilarated me.  If we could step back and linearize time, I bet it would look tedious. The unevenness of life must have been quite romantic." - Yeonsik Chae



Jhené Aiko
While We’re Young

"A monotonous daily routine often suffocates me. Skipping class for no reason and wandering around the city, gazing at the sky and getting into the mood while listening to music, as if I am a protagonist in a film; these trivial deviations help me let loose and encourage me to get prepared for the future. Why not give myself a little break before it gets too late?" - Chae Yeon Park



Code Kunst
Parachute (Feat. Oh Hyuk & Dok2)

"A new beginning doesn’t always make one’s heart flutter. For me, the beginning of something often makes me anxious. ‘Will I be able to do this right?’ The morning begins with all sorts of thoughts, and I see myself being submerged under a sea of anxiety and concern as if falling out of the sky in a parachute." - Jihye Jang



The Verve
Bitter Sweet Symphony

"The semester began as March came. After class I clean up the lecture room, where the balmy sunlight makes a visit. I stare at the field outside the window for a while. A warm breeze blows and I see a flower bud on a tree. I think the flowers are soon to bloom. The sky is blue and my heart soars." - Jihye Jang



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