Posted on July 18, 2014

Used Cassettes, who recently joined Magic Strawberry Sound’s stable of artists have just released their first single (열대, 우리 [Yuldae, Uri]) with the label.

Used Cassettes is a rock band made up of members from America, Canada and South Africa. The 4 members, all with their own individual backgrounds and experiences met here in Korea and went on to form a band with a unique sound you won’t hear anywhere else. As well as communicating with their fans via their energetic stage presence the band have also proven that language is not barrier by writing eloquent Korean lyrics for their latest release.

This new single is based on the members experience of Korea's summers: rainy, hot and romantic. This is the band's first attempt at writing a song almost entirely in Korean. The chorus mixes and rhymes between English and Korean. African rhythms a groovy bassline and vintage guitar sounds round out this new Used Cassettes classic.

Buy '열대, 우리 [Yuldae, Uri]' (Digital) :

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Check out this rad video the band made to go with the new single.

For more information on the band, check them out on the following websites :

Facebook :
Twitter :
DoIndie :


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