Posted on July 04, 2014

Band Introduction Concert Preview

In any scene it’s often hard to find bands that have survived the test of time. Sure there are a plethora of young punk kids straight out school, just now discovering their rock star aspirations. But who amongst them will last and remain on the tip of everyone's tongues. Vidulgi OoyoO has been involved in an ever evolving music scene for the past 10 years. Their debut full length album Aero was released in 2008 and has become known as the pioneering album of Korean shoe-gaze. As bands have skyrocketed and plummeted off the radar, one-hit-wonders come and gone, Vidulgi OoyoO has been a thundering force in the Korean independent scene, molding the sound waves in ever pleasant harmony. From the underground clubs of Hongdae they’ve grown to an internationally recognized band, a shining example of Korean independent possibilities to come. They are the band that fellow musicians go to see. Pigeon Milk at it’s finest.

Check out the interview we did with Vidulgi Ooyoo before they released their latest album :

Vidulgi Ooyoo's Newest Album : Officially Pronounced ALIVE :

Goodnight Shining :

Cypress :

Infinity :

We are honored to have Vidulgi Ooyoo playing at DoIndie's show 'FWD Vol. 2' :

Date : 12th July @ 19:30
Venue : Club Ta (Hongdae)
Cover : 15,000
Line Up : BaekMa / Vidulgi OoyoO / Angry Bear / Kingston Rudieska / Rock 'N' Roll Radio / Ynot? / Dead Buttons

For more information on the band, please check them out at the following websites :

Facebook :
DoIndie :
Twitter :

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