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We experienced a jealous winter of cold winds, but spring finally came after all. In Korea, spring is the season for festivals! There have been a lot of announcements about festival lineups and location information recently, but the first one was held on April 1st; the fourth Have A Nice Day festival. Although the weather forecast had called for rain, it was one of the finest days of the year so far!

Nanji Han River Park has a good atmosphere as well as convenient access to transportation. Also it covers a wide area, making it a popular festival spot. Moreover, H.A.N.D included a unique marketing concept designed around airports, flight, and airplanes. I think it was the most distinctive festival I’ve ever been to. Everything, from the leaflets and festival logos to stage names and the information map, looked like those you can find in airports. The announcements after each gig even sounded like boarding calls. Announcements like “Attention passengers, please go to Terminal 1 to watch Soran’s next show,” were made in three languages: Korean, Japanese and English. The booth lounge, made in collaboration with Asiana Airlines, also suited the concept of the festival. It was not just the usual switching of stages and listening to songs, but a really a special festival.

The disembarkation card was the most interesting point for me. After all the shows were over, you could get a pin button after filling out a survey form. Usually, music festivals get feedback on their SNS pages. Sometimes they randomly pick a few people who submit feedback and give them some gift, such as tickets to the next festival or artists’ merchandise, but sometimes they don’t even reveal the survey results. Therefore, I thought getting feedback immediately on the field and giving away small presents to everyone was a much better idea.

Besides the concept, there was no flaw in the lineup either. Every single artist suited the concept of the festival. I have experienced some festival lineups which didn’t truly represent the spirit of the festival, and there were quite a few festivals where they included a wide variety of genres of music under just one word. The artists who participated in H.A.N.D #4 were all unique in their own ways, but they all had a similar atmosphere which fit in with the festival’s theme, like it said in the description on the website: ‘We introduce you to music which feels familiar, like your everyday life, rather than specific genres’.

H.A.N.D #4 would be better described as a “spring picnic” than as a “show” or “festival”. They guarantee you wonderful memories from the moment you leave your house until the time you get back, and I think the feeling of romance and excitement will last throughout the spring, as if you have been on a pleasant trip.

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Written by: Hansol Kim
English Translation: Song Hee M. Roh
Edited by: Rock 'N' Rose

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