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Doindie delivers the release notice of a very special compilation album! Eight teams of very unique indie artists gathered to create a comilation album dedicated to 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
Participate on the event to get the album for free! The event will end on February 15th. Be the one among ten people to win this album!
See below to find the information of this album and event process.



On February 6th, a very special album representing the Korean indie scene is set to be released. The compilation album “Winter Dreams” is a tribute to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and was produced by eight teams of artists who are devoted to creating dreamy indie rock, electronic and synth-pop music. The production includes songs by Land Of Peace, Love X Stereo, Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio, Beautiful Jin, AKUA, WYM, JVNR and HEO.

As can be inferred by the album title, ”Winter Dreams”, it is brimming with dream-like songs. These eight teams each produced their track in their own musical style within the framework of ‘winter,’ ‘dream,’ and ‘sports.’ Although they do not resemble each other in terms of style, from the opening track to the end the album flows seamlessly and solidly. What makes this album so special is that it was made solely by the artists’ input, through the financial support of their fans.

The current indie subculture is stagnating and losing its vitality, and the mainstream music market is absent of diversity. Under such circumstances, to quote the “Winter Dreams” artists, the project began when they gathered musicians who display distinct and unique musical characteristics to do something fun together. Discover a very special album assembled from indie rock, electronic and synth-pop music.

The following is the list of artists and tracks:


Land Of Peace
Take It Easy

Produced by Land of Peace
Written and arranged by Land of Peace
Recorded by Toby Hwang at Love X Studio
Mixed by Toby Hwang at Love X Studio 



Loser’s Fever

Produced by HEO
Written and arranged by Junhyeok Heo,
Boyeong Kim 

Recorded by Junhyeok Heo at Ceremony
Music Studio 

Mixed by Junhyeok Heo at Ceremony
Music Studio 



Rock 'N' Roll Radio
A Winter’s Tale

Produced by RNRR
Written and arranged by RNRR
Recorded by RNRR at RNRR Studio
(Except drums and vocals, recorded by
Toby Hwang at Love X Studio) 

Mixed by Jinkyu Kim at RNRR Studio 



Love X Stereo

Produced by Love X Stereo
Written and arranged by Love X Stereo 
Recorded by Tobby Hwang at Love X

Mixed by Toby Hwang at Love X Studio 



Take You to Dance

Produced by WYM
Written and arranged by WYM, Donghyuk

Recorded by WYM
Mixed by WYM 




Produced by AKUA
Written and arranged by Jae Yeon Hwang
Featuring vocals by Seen Young Kim
Recorded by Jae Yeon Hwang
(Except bass and vocals, recorded by Toby
Hwang at Love X Studio)

Mixed by Jae Yeon Hwang 



Why Do You Always Want Me to Say
I Love You (Instrumental)

Produced by JVNR
Written and arranged by JVNR 
Recorded by JVNR Mixed by JVNR 



Beautiful Jin

Produced by Beautiful Jin
Written and arranged by Lee Seung Jin 
Piano by Recorded by (Except vocals,
recorded by Toby Hwang at Love X Studio)
Mixed by Lee Seung Jin 

- Credits - 
Executive Producers: Annie Ko, Toby Hwang
Mastering Engineer: Gus Elg at Sky Onion Mastering Studio
Project Director: Annie Ko
Music Supervisor: Toby Hwang
Art Direction + Design: Kove Lee (@kovelee)
Print Production Supervisor: Kim Minyeong

How to participate on the event


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* We will notify the winners on Febuary 15th via our facebook page.



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