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Concert Preview Interview

DOINIDIE has partnered up with Zandari Festa, we will be bringing you all the latest news and information about the festival. We are also pleased to announce that we are now selling tickets for Zandari 2015! Buy yours here now!

Zandari Festa 2015 is fast approaching and will take place in Hongdae from October 2nd - 4th. Like you, we couldn’t be more excited and we are already readying our schedules, pens, and maps (essential tools to plan out the best route between each venue) in order to make sure we don’t miss any of our favorite bands. In order to highlight some of the talent performing at this year’s event, DOINDIE and our friends at Korea Gig Guide have teamed up to ask a few of the many exceptional acts five simple questions.

For this installment, we talked with National Pigeon Unity, Rooster Ride, and Ludistelo. This is what they had to say :

National Pigeon Unity :

# For fest-goers not familiar with National Pigeon Unity yet, what should they know about you?

YoungMok : We are a two piece rock band made up of a guitar and drums. We started playing in the Hongdae clubs in 2007, and we are currently preparing our 3rd album. We have been playing for quite a while now but we are still only in our late twenties. I guess that’s it really … In my case my facial appearance is not all that kind looking, so I have heard many people say that they were scared to talk to me when we first met… My face may be like that but my personality isn’t harsh that at all. sob sob. I really love talking with and getting close to other people. I hope that during Zandari I can make many good connections and relationships with lots of other people.

# Why are you excited to be performing at Zandari Festa 2015?

YoungMok : When fans passionately enjoy the show, artists experience a wonderful sense of catharsis. But, actually if it’s only the musicians enjoying themselves out there on the stage then it’s really no different to a normal practice session. In the case of Zandari there are lots of people who come and are passionate with their support for the artists, that naturally naturally creates a good atmosphere at the festival: the fans and artists breath and scream as one. There are loads of other reasons I’m looking forward to it, but that is the thing I am looking forward to the most.

# What can people expect from a National Pigeon Unity live show?

YoungMok : Humm … I think it will be difficult to answer this question because I will have to talk about my own music and my own performance, but I will use the feedback from people close to me to answer the question! The two of us emit tons of energy when we are on stage. Even when 김동훈 stands still he is still a big and noticeable guy, but when he runs around the stage with those long arms and legs of his he really captivates the audience’s attention. Add to this the ‘out of my mind’ drumming I bring to the mix and you get maximum energy. I think the fans at Zandari should be excited about that when they come to see us.

I think After the energy, comes the sound of National Pigeon Unity. Honestly speaking, I don’t think it is possible for a 2 piece band to replicate the sound of a 4 peice band. So we cover that weakness with our rhythms. We try hard to create a fuller sound by making the guitar and bass play in unison. Apart from that we are always spending a lot of time and effort on researching and studying other things in order to make a rich live sound.

Finally, people should look forward to seeing a connection that only members of a 2 peice band can have. In the case of other bands there are lots of people participating, so it’s hard for them to make such a strong connection. However with just two people, they both really depend on each other. I think because of this people will be able to experience something new and interesting.

I’m a bit embarrassed now for bringing up my band so much …

# Aside from performing, what else would you like to do during Zandari Festa 2015?

YoungMok : Of course I am looking forward to drinking with the other artists playing at the festival. It is really hard to get so many artists together in one place, when it does happen like that there will be lots of fun ideas and conversations happening so I think it is a really good event to be part of. In January this year we made a concert with Dead Buttons & .57 who we met and became friends with at last years Zandari. Of course the concerts themselves are important, but Zandari is a good place for people to meet and make connections with each other too. In reality Hongdae is a small scene, so it’s good for everyone to have fun and play music together.

# Everyone knows it's important to stay hydrated at festivals. What's your festival drink of choice?

YoungMok : WATER,WATER,WATER,WATER,WATER,WATER,WATER!! Water is the most valuable thing. There are loads of different flavors of good drinks but there is nothing as good as WATER. But, to help you feel a little more flushed I think BEER too is a good drink for the festival. Don’t get dehydrated, I hope that everyone has fun and doesn’t have any problems right from the start to the end of the festival. Zandari festival is the best!

For more information on National Pigeon Unity, check them out on Facebook, Twitter & DOINDIE.

Rooster Ride :

# For fest-goers not familiar with Rooster Ride yet, what should they know about you?

Kisoo : I think people who want to be unhappy should not come and see our show. We unconditionally welcome all those people who want to be happy because we are basically a treatment for unhappiness. Also, because I am a 4th generation Japanese Korean it can sometimes be hard to understand my lyrics! haha.

Jeich : Whenever we play shows, we always make people feel happy. However, sadly just as people get warmed up and into our music we run out of time. If you come to our show with an open mind & hum along to our songs then you will see the best side of Rooster Ride.

# Why are you excited to be performing at Zandari Festa 2015?

Kisoo : It is our first time to perform at the festival, and there are still lots of people who don’t know who we are. I am looking forward to putting on a fun show that everyone, including the fans and other Zandari bands will remember Rooster Ride for.

Jeich : I am looking forward to the chance of showing off Rooster Ride’s charm and appeal to new fans. We are a young two person band who sing about youth and have a bright energy about us. We want to share our energy with everyone at Zandari Festa, from the fans and staff to the other bands as well. If you want energy, then there is nothing better than watching Rooster Ride.

# What can people expect from a Rooster Ride live show?

Kisoo : I think, if you are feeling a bit down, our live show will cheer you up and help you go home with a big smile on your face.

Jeich : Wouldn’t it be great to see guys put on a really fun, colourful show? Of course, we perform and sing songs like all bands, but we also dance and tell gags at our shows too!

# Aside from performing, what else would you like to do during Zandari Festa 2015?

Kisoo : I am looking forward to meeting and making relationships with bands and staff I have never met before. Also, after the show we will be alumni from Zandari festival so I hope that we will get opportunities to play more cool shows and perhaps even get to play abroad as well.

Jeich : I am looking forward to meeting lots of other artists and music related people in the artist lounge. We will be showing our faces and making sure we are seen. You won’t catch us hiding away.

# If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Kisoo : I wish that people, no matter their age, could get a good quality education whenever they wanted, right through to university. If they could, I think that people’s thinking would become a bit brighter and the Earth, the environment, and human relationships would be influenced in a positive way. I think the world would become a little more beautiful.

Jeich : I would put the minimum wage in Korea up to 15,000 won($15). Not just because of the money aspect but I think that everyone, no matter what their job, should get a fair income for the work they do. Ah, also … I wish that people would think of being a musician as normal day job as well.

For more information on Rooster Ride, check them out Facebook, Twitter & DOINDIE.

Ludistelo :

# For fest-goers not familiar with Ludistelo yet, what should they know about you?

Sangjin : 3 guys, a band, enchanting.

# Why are you excited to be performing at Zandari Festa 2015?

Sangjin : We are excited because it is a festival that makes the artists feel good. We are not just going to play a show and go home, we are also going to enjoy the festival experience as well. I am looking forward to meeting and exchanging information with bands from abroad as well. Last year we didn’t manage to exchange details with any of the Russian female groups, that was a real shame!

# What can people expect from a Ludistelo live show?

Sangjin : I think people should look forward to the unique atmosphere and energy we bring to the shows. I think the strong point of our live shows is that they have that ‘little something extra’ that we could not quite manage to capture when recording the tracks. If I look down from the stage on the fans, I see them standing there with their mouths open, entranced by the music. When that happens I too, just like the fans, get that same entranced feeling.

# Aside from performing, what else would you like to do during Zandari Festa 2015?

Sangjin : We will be hanging out at the after party as well as drinking the free coffee and beer in the artist lounge :)

If you could become any animal, what would it be and why?

Sangjin : A bird. Because I want to glide through the sky of course. For good measure, I’d want to be a top of the food chain meat eating predator, like an eagle or a hawk.

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English Translation: Patrick Connor & Doyeon Lim
Edit : Alex Ameter

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2 Day Passes (Sat 3rd - Sun 4th) : 45,000
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