GBN Live House

GBN 라이브 하우스

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서울특별시 영등포구 문래동 3가 54-41


Gbn live house

1) Come out of exit 7 at Mullae Station and walk straight. 2) After walking straight for a while a smaller road will fork off to the left of the main road. Take that small road and follow it up. 3) Keep going straight (ignoring the chicken restaurants) until you get to a cross roads and join up with a main road. 4) Join the main road and follow it straight on. 5) Keep walking until you get to the IBK bank. You are nearly there. Just past the bank you will get to a main road. Follow that road left and Space Moon will be on your left hand side in the basement.


GBN Live House is located in Mullae, an area with many kinds of artist studios and steel/metal workshops. We have concerts and events. Its a great space to meet, have fun, talk and catch a show

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